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Why Businesses Buy Online

In the past, before the emergence of B2B e-commerce, buying parts and components for product development could be a tedious and time-consuming experience. One had to meet the sales and technical representatives from various vendors to discuss technical details and to negotiate prices. A lot of emails and faxes were also exchanged for quotations and orders ..... 

PID Motion Control in Plain English

Motion control is all about getting your motors to move to the position you want, and PID control is, by far, the most widely used scheme today. This article helps you to understand PID control in without the traditional acadamical mathematics.

Why Motor Moves When Powered Up?

There are cases when a servo system is powered up, the motor starts to move undesirably. In some cases, it is just a jerk. In more serious cases, it hits a mechanical limit. This article explains why it happens and how to avoid it.

Servo or Stepper?

Servo and stepper control systems are widely used to provide torque to motion systems. However, they are designed for very different performance characteristics. Knowing the differences can give you the best balance in your design, such as performance and cost.