Motka Articles - Issue 1

Why Businesses Buy Online

In the past, before the emergence of B2B e-commerce, buying parts and components for product development could be a tedious and time-consuming experience. One had to meet the sales and technical representatives from various vendors to discuss technical details and to negotiate prices. A lot of emails and faxes were also exchanged for quotations and orders.

Most of these vendors were resellers, most of whom did not know their products well enough as we would like them to be. For every question asked, they would usually get back to their principals before satisfactory answers were obtained days later. Their lead-time were usually in weeks, if not months, even they were local representatives. When supports were required if things did not turn out right, often we were not be getting the level of competence as their principals.

That was the past.


Today, products and solutions can be put on the markets faster and more cost-effective, with B2B e-commerce.


It is the interest of every business to manage costs, increase productivity and efficiency. B2B e-commerce provides the excellent platforms to do just that. The benefits it provides are significant. More and more companies, big and small, are transforming their processes to embrace this change, making their businesses more efficient and competitive.

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