About Us


MOTKA is a new start-up company located in Singapore. We are a value-driven company with the passion of providing best-valued motion controller products to our customers. We understand just how important for businesses to keep their costs down and provide cost-effective products and services to their customers. Every product we create is our idea to help our customers to achieve these goals.

Our Business Concept

"Keep things simple and functional" is our vision. Our business idea is to create motion controller products that are both simple to use and functional. It is our belief that customers should not pay for complex features they do not use or understand. They should not pay for overheads that do not benefit them. This is why, in MOTKA, we create motion controller products that is so easy to use that evey application engineer can DIY with the assistance of our free tools and documentation. Every products we created are sold directly from MOTKA online store. This is our way of passing saving to our valued customers.

Our Promise

MOTKA is a young company. Nevertheless, we are committed to competing in the marketplace by providing our best products and services to our customers. We seek every opportunity to improve ourselves. We look forward to growing our business with our customers together.